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  • ShakeN Bake

    ShakeN Bake

  • Alessia M. Albrizio

    Alessia M. Albrizio

    Creative Director

  • Rachel Renee

    Rachel Renee

    Seeker of silver linings.

  • Arturo Barbato

    Arturo Barbato

    Control freak: he has an ulcer so that you can sleep peacefully. He communicates digitally since “SEO” was just a typo. Spin doctor at heart. Hat and beard.

  • Alan Buttery

    Alan Buttery

    A Fortune 200 Financial Services Executive working hard to “make it matter” in business and in non-profits around the world. See http://www.leadershipfirsts.com

  • Noemi Adamo

    Noemi Adamo

  • Mayank Jain

    Mayank Jain

    A computer science student with a penchant for writing

  • Andrés Rashti (escribo en Inglés y Español)

    Andrés Rashti (escribo en Inglés y Español)

    International economics, sustainability, energy, media, demographics and languages from a historical, current and future perspective.Passionate on Human culture

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